Learn and enjoy at the same time…

  •  pelis3English through movies: practice the language while discussing your favorite film. Watching English movies is a great way to experience real-life English and get new vocabulary.
  • English through music: practice the language while enjoying your favorite songs. Why learn English through songs and music? Because it works, it’s fun, and it’s easy. Singing songs is a great way to get better at speaking English

In these workshops, you´ll get:

  • An overview of everyday language to brush up your English
  • The opportunity to exchange your viewpoints with others, to practice and to learn
  • The possibility of learning while watching your favorite film or singing your favorite song


Debating is a practice that inspires students to speak, get into discussion, defend their own positions, and also make research on related issues.

While debating in English, the debaters get involved into a challenging and thrilling activity. It is excellent for language learning because it engages students in a variety of cognitive and linguistic ways.

Besides providing meaningful listening, speaking and writing practice, debate is also very effective for developing argumentation skills for persuasive speech and writing.
Some of the topics we´ll debate:

  • Media with meaning: the relationship between success and ethics
  • Food matters: why not eat insects? Are you one of those who eat salad in the future and fries at the moment?
  • On the meaning of work… what is work for you?
  • Why work not always happens at work?

Choose your topic and we’ll organice the debate!